Our fees

Our pay as you go fees are shown below. You'll need to pay for each treatment on the day by cash, cheque or credit card.

Private Fee GuideFEE
New Patient Examination67.00
Routine Examinations (inc routine x-rays)30.50
Hygienist from 40.50
White Fillings from 72.00
Silver Fillings from 62.00
Gold Crowns from 479.00
Porcelain Crowns from 375.00
All Porcelain EMax™ Crowns from 461.00
Bridges from 628.50
Maryland Adhesive Bridges from 440.00
Single Acrylic Denture from 407.00
Upper and Lower Acrylic Dentures from 609.00
Valplast™ Flexible Denture from 465.00
Single Tooth Implant from 2,300.00
Root Fillings from 233.00
Extractions from 72.00

Practice members can enjoy a 20% discount on routine treatments and 10% discount on cosmetic treatments. No discounts are available on Implants.

(These fees are a guideline estimation. A full estimate of fees would be issued after initial examination and treatment planning visits)