What makes us right for you?

We build to last

There's normally more than one way to fix any dental problem, and for teeth, quick 'n' easy is rarely best. We choose the method that gives superior long-term performance. And we've stuck to this approach long enough to prove it's the right investment for future health.

We choose the method that gives superior long-term performance and is minimally invasive. Modern adhesive techniques allow us to keep more of your natural tooth structure.

We'll do our best to keep you away

It may sound strange, but we want our customers to need us less. Teeth don't decay on their own, and we believe firmly in preventing rather than fixing. So a basic part of our service is helping you find the most practical way to keep dental problems at bay.

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More than prevention

New technology and fresh attitudes have transformed expectations about how good everyone's teeth can look. We're experienced in providing the latest cosmetic dentistry, including dental implants, Enlighten tooth whitening and smile makeovers, as well as veneers and tooth-coloured fillings.

Family people

Looking after youngsters puts everything in perspective. We're parents as well as children's dentists, and this gives us common values: compassion, listening, giving the very best and looking ahead to the future. And this is our approach for every patient, old or young.

We're in our prime!

We've been looking after our customers' dental health in Sawley since 1996. It's been long enough to build a fantastic level of trust and experience. But we're bang up to date too. Dentistry is changing fast and we keep moving with it, constantly studying and introducing the latest practices in tooth whitening, smile makeovers, dental implants, minimally invasive adhesive techniques and a full range of cosmetic treatments.

Meaningful choice

Being an independent practice means we're free to choose exactly what's best for you from all the latest treatments. And it gives you choice in how you use us: pay-as-you-go or join our membership scheme.


Looking for a dentist in Nottingham, Derby or Leicester? We're very easy to reach by train or car.